Welcome to API Science

Welcome to API Science. You are probably here because your work involves use of Application Program Interfaces (APIs), and the service you provide suffers when the APIs you use (external or internal) experience outages. In this global economy, it’s morning in Asia when it’s late night in the Americas, and vice-versa. This means that if your product serves customers globally, you cannot afford outages at any time of day.

API Science provides capability to monitor the APIs your product ingests, at the frequency you select, enabling you to monitor the reliability of those APIs, and take action when problems occur. The problems could be APIs that are entirely down, or APIs whose performance has become so slow that your customers will think your app itself is unreliable due to slow response, both of which entice them to click or swipe to a competitor’s site or app.


The necessity to monitor the APIs your service depends on is receiving increasing attention in major publications like Forbes (Why API Monitoring Matters To Every Business) and InfoWorld (Ignore your cloud APIs — at your own risk). And with good reason!

Our view is:

APIs aren’t just plumbing. They’re critical to your business, your apps, and your reputation. That means you need to make sure they’re always up, working and performing as they should. Don’t let a situation arise where customers call you to tell your API is down. Don’t suffer bad app reviews because of slow or unreliable APIs.

API Science’s technology provides the opportunity to address these problems. Here are some insights from our customers:

  • Simon Guest, VP of Platform R&D, Concur / SAP: “We compared API monitoring services and API Science came out on top. They gave us the right combination of advanced tools and ease-of-use to ensure our APIs are up and performing at all times. API Science has become an essential part of our stack.”
  • Jeff Phillips, Application Development Manager, Getty Images: “API Science monitoring lets us know when something is wrong before our customers start calling. The monitors are very easy to setup and we’re able to create multiple-step monitors within minutes.”
  • Tony Tam, CEO, Reverb Technologies, creator of the Swagger API framework: “We’ve moved our production API monitoring to API Science and have never looked back. API Science makes sure our public, partner, and private systems are all working as they should, and provides a framework that makes tons of sense for the modern API.”

The API Science home page provides an overview of our service and its capabilities. Browse the API Science API Reference for more detail.

Sign up for a free trial (no credit card required) to experiment with our capabilities over the next 30 days. You’ll be provided with an account that starts with two preconfigured API monitors, the ability to edit these monitors and add new monitors of your own creation, your own API dashboard, API status notifications… Watch for my next blog post to learn more.

Kevin Farnham