Slack Integration for API Monitoring

Slack is a widely-used messaging app that facilitates team collaboration regardless of where the team members are located. If your team is monitoring critical APIs, team members will need to be alerted when one or more of the APIs goes down or experiences performance issues. One way to do this is to integrate your Slack team into your API Science account.

On your API Science dashboard page, click your account name at the upper right corner of the page, then select “Settings”:


On the Settings page, click “Contact Book”:


Clicking “New Contact” brings up the “Create Contact” pop-up dialog. Use the pull-down list to select “Slack”:


Creating Your Slack Integration URL

The “Integration URL” is created using your team’s Slack account. Log into Slack and click your team’s account name in the upper left corner:


In the menu window that pops up, select¬† “Apps & integrations” beneath your team’s name:


This brings you to a Slack page where you can select many apps that have been preconfigured for integration with Slack:


In our case, however, we need to create a new, custom integration. To do this, click “Build” to the left of your Slack team name at the top of the page.

The next Slack page asks “What will you build?”


On the right, beneath “Something just for my team,” click “Make a Custom Integration.” On the page this brings you to, click “Incoming WebHooks”:


Scroll down the “Incoming Webhooks” Slack page to the “Post to Channel” box. Select one of your Slack channels to receive the API Science alert messages, and click “Add Incoming WebHooks Integration”:


The next Slack page will include a “Webhook URL” text field. Copy the URL from the text field, return to your API Science “Create Contact” page, and paste the URL into the “Integration URL” field, then click the “Create Contact” button at the bottom of the pop-up dialog:


A Slack contact will be added to your Contact Book.

Using Slack Contacts

To use your Slack contact within your API Science account, return to your API Science Dashboard, select the monitor that will send alert messages to your Slack channel, scroll down to the “Alert Rules” section at the bottom of the monitor’s summary page, and use the “Select a contact to be alerted” pull-down to select your Slack channel. For example:


If a problem occurs for the monitor, the alert message will be posted to your Slack channel, for example:


Clicking on the link in the message brings you to the API Science detail page for that check.

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