Integrating Human Resources with API Monitoring

Organizations are organic: they change over time, with new employees coming on board, current employees switching job roles, and other employees departing. If you are monitoring APIs and you have a list of employees who are to be notified if a problem is discovered with a specific API, then you need to have an up-to-date list of who is notified for which problem.

The API Science API includes a Contacts API that enables you to integrate employee role changes into your API Science monitors. Using the Contacts API, you can:

  • Get All Contacts: retrieve a list of all contacts for your API Science account;
  • Get Specific Contact: retrieve the information for a specific contact;
  • Create a Contact: add a new contact to your API Science monitor team;
  • Update a Contact: alter the information for a current contact on your API Science monitor team;
  • Delete a Contact: delete a contact from your API Science account.

How can you use this?

Most companies maintain Human Resources reports that document the latest structure of the company: managers, departments, roles. In many cases, these are published to the employees on a monthly basis; in other cases, they are available on the company’s intranet in real-time as the information is updated.

Knowing who’s working on what can make an organization more efficient, by enabling it to determine whether someone working on a curtailed project can be moved to a new project, determining if a new hire is needed, or addressing the departure of an employee. In all of these cases, your Human Resources infrastructure can be integrated with the API Science Contacts API to automatically reflect employee status changes in your API Science monitors.

The Get All Contacts API endpoint can be used, for example, to provide the information for a company-wide monthly report, showing who is on the contact list for problems with a specific API. This would also enable your departments to provide updated information wherever changes have occurred.

The Get a Specific Contact API endpoint could be used in response to an employee’s inquiry as to why they are not receiving expected notifications when a certain API is down. Might it be that their contact information that was entered into the company’s API Science account was erroneous?

If this was the case, the Update a Contact endpoint could be invoked to correct the problem. This endpoint can also be integrated into your HR software to automatically update any changes in employee contact information to your API Science account.

When you hire a new employee, your Human Resources software will assign that person to a department. If that department monitors APIs, you can use the Create a Contact endpoint to automatically add the new employee as one of your API monitoring contacts.

Similarly, if one of your employees leaves, you can have your HR software automatically delete that person from all of your API Science monitors using the Delete a Contact endpoint.

The API Science Contacts API provides you with the ability to integrate your API monitoring contacts into your Human Resources software, as you hire new employees, existing employees switch to different departments, and employees depart. Rather than requiring your HR department make each of these changes manually on your API Science page, you can automate the process by utilizing the API Science API.

–Kevin Farnham