Creating Your First API Science API Monitor

Your API Science free 30-day trial includes sample API monitors that enable you to immediately explore the capabilities the API Science platform provides. But if you’ve come to API Science, it’s probably because your work utilizes APIs (external or internal) and you recognize the need to know the uptime of these APIs and their performance statistics, since your product is accessed by your customers on a 24/7 basis. This information is precisely what you’ll receive when you create your own custom API Science API monitor.

On your API Dashboard, you’ll see an “Add Monitor” button on the right above your monitors list, for example:


Clicking “Add Monitor” brings you to a page like this:


The World Bank has an API whereby a call can request and receive basic information about a country. For example, to receive the summary information about Brazil, you can point a web browser to: Doing this in your browser produces an XML result similar to this:

WorldBankCountryXMLTo create a monitor for this API, fill in the form on your “Add Monitor” page, for example:


Click the “Test Now” button to verify your new API monitor. The results of the test call will be displayed below the “Test Now” button:

world-bank-countries-monitor-test-callClick “Save Monitor” to initiate automated testing of the API call. You’ll be brought to your new monitor’s summary results page, which provides the results of recent checks on the API call, uptime history, and alert configuration options.

The new monitor will also be added to your API Dashboard: