API Monitoring Teams: Embracing the Power of Collaboration

If you have a product that consumes APIs (external or internal), you will probably want multiple members of your team to assist in your API monitoring effort. The API Science platform provides diverse and flexible team collaboration facilities.

To get started, click your account title in the upper right of your Dashboard page:


Clicking “Settings” on the pull-down menu brings up your account settings page:


To invite other team members to join the account, click “Manage Users.” This page enables you to manage existing users as well as invite new users:


To provide someone else with access to your account, enter their email address, select a user role, and click “Send Invite.”

User Roles

Three user roles are available for the users you invite to collaborate in your monitoring effort. The permissions associated with each role are summarized on the “Manage Users” page (see the image above).

The Read-Only role is suitable for users who will assist in reviewing the status of your monitors, including investigating why particular checks fail. For example, all of the analysis in my recent post “Assessing the Results of Monitor Timeout Validations” could be performed by a user who has Read-Only permissions.

The Member role is suitable for team members who are more actively participating in the development and maintenance of your product. For example, someone with Member permissions might create a new monitor or edit an existing monitor after noticing a new type of performance issue in your product; or, they might create or edit monitors to evaluate the effect of an upcoming or new release of your product.

The Admin role is suitable for a collaborator who will act as a co-owner of the account. Administrators have full access to all monitors and all user accounts. The only thing they can’t do is delete the account owner from the list of users, or delete the account itself.

Completing the Invite Process

A team member who is invited to your account receives an email message like this:


Clicking the supplied link will bring the invited user to an APIScience.com page like this:

youve-been -invited

To join your API Science account, the team member can use one of their existing API Science accounts, or they can create a new API Science account that will be used for membership in your account.

Once your team member accepts your invitation, they are provided with permission to act within your account according to the user role you assigned them.

–Kevin Farnham