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You have APIs, but are they working?

Advanced API Monitoring - Find issues before your customers, developers and partners do

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Why API Science?

Don't get caught off guard
Ensure your APIs & apps work

APIs aren't just plumbing. They're critical to your business, your apps, and your reputation. That means you need to make sure they're always up, working and performing as they should. Don't let customers call you to tell you your API is down. Don't suffer bad app reviews because of slow or unreliable APIs.

API-first monitoring
Built for APIs from the start

Traditional monitoring services were designed long before APIs became core to modern applications. API Science is designed specifically for monitoring APIs. Sure, we understand REST, JSON, OAuth, XML. No problem.

Get a global perspective
See your APIs like never before

Our worldwide API monitoring network lets you see how developers and apps really experience your APIs. You setup API monitors with your own tests. We then call your APIs (up to every minute) from around the world. If anything goes wrong we'll immediately let you know. Quickly identify performance issues, outages, errors. Troubleshoot faster and easier.

Super fast setup
Be monitoring in minutes

We believe software is most useful when it gets out of your way. Our intuitive modern interface gets you up and running fast. Setup monitors quickly and easily. Get the most critical data right up front, when you need it.

Advanced API monitoring
Multi-step & JavaScript-powered

APIs can be complex. We can handle it. Do you have APIs that require authentication? Do you want to test real CRUD sequences in production? Simple GET calls not enough? We can handle any APIs you want to test.

Monitor external APIs
Manage your API supply chain

Do you rely on any third-party APIs? Are they up? Are they meeting their SLA? Are they down just for you? We can help you easily keep track of any services in your "API supply chain". Setup your own custom monitors or use our sample monitors to get started.

Powerful reporting
Spot trends proactively

Use our powerful reporting engine to get insights into historical trends, past issues, and to spot potential future problems before they bring down your apps.

Alerts and Integrations
Get notified on your terms

You decide how you want to be notified: Email, Slack, PagerDuty, HipChat, Campfire, and more. Use webhooks to build your own integrations, use threshold to minimize false alarms, and get notified when your issue has been resolved.

And many more

API Dashboard
Your API command center

The API dashboard gives you a command center to check on the health of your API calls. Quickly filter onto API having issues, group monitors together with tags, and sort on attributes like response time.

Full Featured API
Monitor your API with our API

The API Science gives you a full featured REST API to do just about anything with your monitors via code. Automate the creation and updating of monitors, extract data, build your own API performance and uptime dashboard, and integrate with your own tools and consoles.

Ready to get started? Read the full API Documentation.

POST https://api.apiscience.com/v1/monitors

  "name" : "Fullstack Monitor Test",
  "templates" : [
        "method" : "GET",
        "url" : "http://api.awesome_api.com/pets"

Tools to help you succeed

  • Multi-step REST transactions
  • Advanced tests & validations
  • Get alerted on any issue
  • Run tests at any time
  • Monitor your own API & 3rd party APIs
  • Customized reporting
  • Intelligent API diagnostics
  • Collaborate using our team plans

Right tools for the right people


Easily test and monitor your own APIs and the third-party APIs you rely on. API Science tools can help save dev time and reduce frustration. Quickly see if internal APIs pass automated continous tests, see if external APIs are really down or down for just you.


Testing modern applications also means testing APIs. Often the root cause of bugs and issues are internal and external API dependencies. Run one-time and continous tests to monitor them and find issues fast.


APIs are often the weak link in the chain of today's mobile and web applications. Quickly identifying and addressing production API issues is critical. Our tools gives Ops teams the tools they need in the new API-driven world.

Why API Monitoring Matters To Every Business

One of the stealthy trends in business computing is the gradual rise in reliance on APIs. Almost every digital interaction involves an API being called to gather data or invoke some key action. You can’t play Words with Friends without APIs and WalMart cannot run its vendor-managed inventory without them either.

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